Let it rain. Let it rain. Let it rain. Showers have evolved in technological sophistication and design to deliver unique experiences that, until recently, were only available at spas and five-star hotels. Now you can have a spa-like experience every day.

Planning for Success

Knowledgeable and experienced showroom professionals create value by understanding your goals and obtaining the information to help ensure that your home can effectively operate products selected. You can differentiate a professional showroom from one that is in business simply to sell product by the questions that a showroom professional asks.

Factors to discuss with your showroom professional that influence component selection include:

  • Water source
  • Water pressure and supply
  • Pipe size
  • Number and type of fixtures selected
  • Amount of water each fixture uses
  • Desire to achieve a coordinated look
  • Number and type of accessories
  • Coordination and layout of components


Common accessories for designing shower systems to discuss with the showroom professional include:

  • Ceiling mount rain heads
  • Wall mount showerheads
  • Rainbars
  • Hand shower bars
  • Body sprays
  • Toe testers
  • Steam units
  • Shower baskets
  • Shower drains
  • Shower seats
  • Grab bars
  • Soap dishes
  • Shower doors, pulls and hinges
  • Heated flooring
  • Towel warmers
  • Shower rods
  • Curtain rings
  • Make up mirror