wall hung toilets and one piece toilets from New Luxury Baths in Livermore

Wall hung toilets, one piece toilets and other types are differentiated by a number of factors including:

  • Design
  • Configuration
  • Bowl Shape
  • Height
  • Bidet Toilets

Design:  The toilet is a critical component of the bathroom.  It can be part of a coordinated suite of products that include sinks and tubs or it can stand alone to match the motif of the bath.

Configuration:  Toilets come in three basic configurations: one-piece, wall-hung, two-piece and tank-in-wall with either a round or elongated front.  A two-piece toilet comprises a tank and a bowl.  A one-piece toilet also comprises a tank and a bowl but these components are combined into one piece.  Finally, there are wall-mounted toilets that use a concealed tank placed behind the wall.  Wall-mounted toilets offer a cleaner look for your bath.  Many of these models offer dual flush options that use less water than many other models.

Bowl Shape:  The shape of the bowl plays both a functional and aesthetic role.  Elongated bowls are two inches longer than round front bowls.  Depending on the size and height of the family member will determine their comfort.

Height:  Comfort height toilets may be a more preferable options for family members more than six feet tall.  Comfort height toilets are made at the standard chair height of 16.5 inches compared to the standard 14-inch height of a typical toilet.

Bidet Toilets:  Toilet options spam the limits of one’s imagination.  There are models with heated seats, bidet seats, soft closing seats and seats that open and close automatically.  There are toilets that can clean themselves and there users, purify the air and flush without making a sound.  Technology has taken the toilet to new heights, providing a more comfortable and comforting experience.